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NEW Gary C's Leather STORE is OPEN! - adding new items daily.

Gary Cadwallader

We've "officially" just opened our new Gary C's Leather store and stocked it with some of our Gary C's Avenger Holsters and a few ammo pouches. The "shelves" are still pretty bare, but we're working to add new items daily. If what you need isn't listed yet, please contact us, and check back in the coming weeks to watch our inventory grow! 

After years of selling our gun leather holsters and leather accessory products through major internet marketplaces - eBay, Amazon, Etsy - we've listened to requests from MANY of our customers and made the leap to open our very own Web STORE!  We'll also be maintaining our marketplace presence, and will continue --as always --to serve our valued customers on those platforms.

However, we have closed our Gunbroker Store. The inventory from that store moved to our new store this week.  If you've worked us on Gunbroker -  Thank you!  We hope you'll come visit the new store!

And, as always, if you don't see something listed in any of our virtual shops - please contact us.

On our website:  www.garycsleather.com

Email us:   woodentrout@live.com

Or call us:   406 293-8860

Customer service and maintaining high quality gun leather products at a fair price are -- as they have been since we began --  our top priority! 


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  • Look forward to seeing some of your work

    Patrick Denham

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