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SNEAK PEEK ... Coming Soon - Gary C's Leather's Very Own Web Site Store

Gary Cadwallader

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After years of selling our hand made holsters online through Marketplace stores: Amazon, eBay, Gunbroker and Etsy, Gary C's Leather has been listening to our loyal website customers and is FINALLY opening our very own website online store.

In the coming days our Gunbroker marketplace store will be closing, and we've already begun moving that inventory to our brand new online store.  We'll be making a "formal" announcement and linking the new store to our Gary C's Leather website soon.

Existing Amazon, eBay and Etsy customers won't see any changes - we intend to continue selling our quality Avenger Style holsters and accessory gun leather on those platforms.

Our new online store has just a dozen or so items so far, but many are being added every day.  You're invited to check it out - and we invite your suggestions and feedback as always.

We will always work directly with you, our valued friends! There will be no change to taking website orders - whether:

using a contact form on our website:   www.garycsleather.com

emailing us at  woodentrout@live.com ,

or giving us a call here in Libby, Montana at 406 293-8860.


Stay tuned for more updates on the store's formal opening! And if you would like more information about our specialty holsters - the Gary C's Avenger Style holster  AND the Full Flap Style holster, and the other accessory leather, check us out!

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